Mass Hypnosis Episode 1: VHS Memories

Welcome to our first ever episode! You may have missed the live broadcast on Spreaker, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the amazing conversations that happened over the course of the night. After some technical problems early on, we were able to have several fantastic conversations about this month’s flagship topic: VHS Memories!

Here is what you will find in this episode:

00:00 – Heather and Miguel chat away and encounter technical difficulties

11:43 – A vintage commercial for a Universal Horror VHS Box Set

13:02 – Jim Phoel of Draconic Verses fame talks, among other things, 7 Faces of Dr. Lau

26:35: Damn Dirty Geeks‘ Co-host and Producer Jack Bennett reckons VHS exposed him to counterculture

39:46: Horrible Imaginings Film Festival programmer James Coker talks terrifying VHS horror marketing

53:16: Ethan Halo on the line of home video culture

1:22:09: Screenwriter Seth Sherwood makes a confession

01:43:13: Kevin Maher of Kevin Geeks Out! talks VHS Cover Gimmicks

01:51:41: Red Shirt Pictures‘ Michael Felsher and the truth about VHS

02:22:47: McLaughlin talks the importance of choice in video stores

02:41:55: Special Effects Artist Mike Lombardo and VHS birthing a career path

03:00:40: Blumhouse‘s Rebekah McKendry rounds out the episode talking about the treasure of VHS

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